Marissa Kaufman

Marissa Kaufman is a rising second year medical student at the University of Minnesota with an interest in pursuing Radiation Oncology. 

Her research interests include investigation of checkpoint inhibitor expression in MDSC populations before and after primary CNS tumor radiation.

Recent Publications

Kennedy, P. Arvindam, U. Phung, S. Ettestad, B. Feng, X. Kile, Q. Hinderlie, P. Kaufman, M. et al.(2024). Metabolic programs drive function of therapeutic NK cells in hypoxic tumor environments. Scientific Advances, In Review.
Hinderlie, P. Kaufman, M. Davis, Z. Betts, al. (2023) Multiparametric analysis of NK cell reconstitution post-transplant to evaluate impact of graft sources in the setting of AML. NK Meeting 2023.  
Schmit, M. Baxley, R. Wang, L Hinderlie, P. Kaufman, M et al. (2023). A critical threshold of MCM10is required to maintain genome stability during differentiation of iPSCs into NK cells. Open Biology.
Kaminski, M. Bendzick, L. Hopps, R. Kaufman, M. et al. (2022). TEM8 Tri-specific Killer Engagerbinds both tumor and tumor stroma to specifically engage natural killer cell anti-tumor activity. Journal of Immunotherapy of Cancer, 10:e004725
Abbondanza, D. Kaufman, M. Smolarek, B. Dey, A. (2019). CoxR Directly Represses AlkaneHydroxylase Gene Expression in Caulobacter crescentus. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, Volume 33 Issue S1. p.458.1


Marissa Kaufman
MD Student